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  • Hiroshi Suda

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     H iroshi Suda was born in 1974 between the family lines of a musical composer and cabinet maker.
    He visited the United States in order to study about guitar manufacture and repair after working with a recording engineer and PA engineer.
     After a homecoming, He set up his own shop in Osaka, Japan and began making flat top guitars, arch top guitars and arch top mandolins         
    Suda Stringed Instruments is handbuilt each one carefully with all my heart.

    He is always making stringed instruments from import high quality tone woods(the most from North America) and he never using domestic woods.

     S ome of the top of bluegrass player are playing the suda guitar.
    ・Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers)
    ・Kenny Smith (Kenny and Amanda Smith Band)
    ・Josh Williams
    ・Grant Gordy
    ・George Clements

    2-11-17 Kido,
    Osaka, 586-0001 JAPAN

    Hiroshi Suda early times in an ex-atelier

    at IBMA World of Bluegrass with Kenny Smith

    at IBMA World of Bluegrass with Chris Eldridge